Nagomi-Ryokan Yuu is remodeled a Kyoto's traditional town house stood in Showa era, 80 years ago.
Like a teahouse in Gion, a courtyard and tearoom wil welcome you and the feel of more classic Kyoto will satisfy you.

「Nagomi-Ryokan Yuu」is a costumed town house. It is a building like a tea house in Gion and has a garden or tea room so that you can feel traditional Kyoto here.

「Nagomi-Ryokan Yuu」is located between Kyoto station and downtown. Also, it is close to some transportation, so you can easily visit touristic spots.

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Hotel name Nagomi-Ryokan-Yuu
Address 94 Kamiwakamiya-cho Wakamiya-dori Rokujo Nishi-iru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 600‐8313
Tel/Fax 075-342-2123 / 075-354-8068
Check-in 16:00~20:00
Luggage storage:11:00~16:00 available
Please come to our main reception "Roman-Kan" first to check-in/leave luggage.
Add: 542 Wakamiya-cho Wakamiya-dori Rokujo sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 600-8314
Tel: 075-342-2123
Check-out 8:00~11:00
Please notify us at your check-in if you check out before 8am.
There is no luggage storage service after check-out.
Curfew No curfew: You could freely go out and come back with a pin number given at check ins.
Parking space I am preparing the parking space for exclusive use by 1 or 2 sets (charge). and,Coin parking is near the hotel.


Cafe Bar の輪

Chatting with the open view of big garden is featured. 2 private rooms are available.
Please try our breakfast served in this authentic space.
We have ice creams from “Gion-Tsujiri”, well-known Matcha-tea shop in Kyoto, or rice crackers.
Cafe Bar OPEN: 11:00~24:00
Breakfast OPEN: 8:00~10:00

  • アイス
  • おふ
  • お酒
  • Cafe Bar nowa
  • Cafe Bar nowa
  • Breakfast


  • Lunch



「Air-conditioner (heater and cooler)」
Available in every room
Free WIFI is available in all of rooms.
You can use computers at common space as well. (100yen/40min).
Public phone available at front desk
Fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle and etc. Tea and coffee for free.
Coin laundry available.

Bath amenities

「Shampoo and body soap」
Available in every shower room
「Towel, yukata (Japanese pajama) and dryer」
Hair-dryer is available at public wash stands and provided in en-suite room.
Towel and Yukata(Japanese pajama)
Towel and yukata are not prepared in guest rooms.
Please rent them at reception when you check-in if necessary.
(100 yen for towel / 200 yen for yukata )


「Clothes iron」
Please ask staff at front desk when you need
「Printer and fax」
30yen/page (available only at front desk)
「LAN cable and various kinds of plugs」
They are free of charge.
「Rental bicycles」
600 yen for 1 day. More than 10 bicycles are prepared.

Other things

We sell 1-day bus ticket.


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